Raiffeisenbank Main-Spessart eG

Raiffeisenbank Main-Spessart eG

Cooperative bank

Raiba MSP has faced the challenges of the digitisation process earlier than other banks, including those within the cooperative sector: the management has made itself aware that the speed of change must lead to more up-to-date digital offers while ensuring high quality, including data security. Digital and mobile working must support good and appreciative communication, exchange and team experience and not slow it down. Digital accessibility must not lead to personal isolation. Raiba MSP attaches great importance to the digital fitness both of its employees (the ABG e-learning platform plays an important role here) and of its customers. At the same time, the costs in relation to the benefits had to be weighed up in each case and the right choice of the focus of the topics at the right time was and is important. Nowadays, Raiba MSP offers a far wider range of digital services than comparable banks.

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