Background Report Highlights

Background Report Highlights

The Background Report of SEEDING is based on the preliminary activity of the partners in seven countries – Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Slovenia and Spain – in the first year of the project.

All the partners jointly agreed on a “problem definition” and on contextual information necessary to properly understand the case studies. This means a thorough secondary analysis of challenges posed by digitalisation both from a theoretical and a practical standpoint. The rationale behind this is to have a common understanding of the challenges to be faced by companies and of the different approaches available to address them.

The Background Report addresses the following aspects:

  • Digitalisation and key EU policies.
  • Digitalisation: trends and debates with a focus on digital (i) automation of work; (ii) rise of platform-based work (iii) also, technologies adopted; geographical areas concerned; sectors and occupations most affected; differences in ownership model or size of enterprises affected; differences in age and gender of workers affected.
  • Definition of social economy enterprises in the seven covered countries and specificity thereof in terms of social aims and governance model as per legislation and practice.
  • Industrial relations structure in the seven covered countries and how it addresses social economy (presence of specific employers’ organisations representing social enterprises, existence of specific collective agreements/provisions covering social economy).
  • Pace and features of digitalisation in private businesses and the related impact on employment and working conditions.
  • National level public policies addressing digitalisation and the impact of digitalisation on employment and working conditions.
  • Concerns of social partners or NGOs and measures adopted by these organisations to address digitalisation (clauses in national or sectoral collective agreements; trainings, policy proposals, campaigns…).

The Background Report is edited by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and supported by national level contributions. It is worth to note that the Background Report was mainly written before and during the Covid-19 outbreak when it was still early to tell its long-term impact on the countries. The Background Report will be available online on the SEEDING website this November (in English only).


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